Heart Latte

Our Mission

Our Mission is to satisfy the taste of the coffee connoisseur and to encourage the coffee aficionado to develop their own taste.

To be the best we can be, seriously, why do something if you are not going to strive for perfection. Mediocre just doesn't cut it.

Yes we have the love and passion for coffee like so many others but is that enough? What very important traits do we have that makes us different, and that can turn our hand roasted coffee beans into a more outstanding premium coffee? How about:

Leaf Latte

Coffee is so much a part of our lives. For some it is the kick for our get-up-and-go in the morning, giving us the boost to start our day. For others it's a way to relax. It is part of our social lives:

It doesn’t get any better.

So why not buy the best and make those experiences even better, add an "Mmmmm" with a rich flavor, add an "Ahhhhh" with a smooth warm aroma, and a "Yeah" to that eye waking boost in the morning.

Drinking Coffee

Our Passion

There are not many Coffee Roasters here in the U.S. that can truly say they have had a "Lifelong" Passion for coffee.

But Coffee isn't grown here in the Continental U.S. (we don't have the climate for it). Which means to truly know coffee from start to finish you have to have started out in a coffee growing country.

This is the pride, experience and dedication that we at Odacrem Coffee have to offer.  Our Master of Roasting, Juan Mercado, grew up on the family coffee farm, helping to pick the coffee cherries at 5 yrs old. He helped to nurture and plant coffee trees grown from seed. The talent and knowledge he attained was not learned in a few weeks of training or bought with high priced equipment, it has taken a lifetime to accumulate.

Growing Coffee Beans

Growing up on a coffee farm, helping to pick the beans, working with the plantations, the buyers and traders. He learned from the source everything there is to know about growing the beans and how the soil, climate and location affect them. He knows how each type of possessing affects the outcome and flavor, how to evaluate the beans for freshness, flavor and quality. He spent years as a buyer for a major coffee exporter, sample roasting and cupping to advise on purchases and then into a successful career of Roasting Premium coffees.

It is all of this knowledge, passion and dedication that we pack into every bag for our customers.