Our Coffee Roasting and Shipping FAQs

coffee cups

Your coffee is more expensive than other coffee roasters as well as the grocery store, why is that?

One word, Quality. As a professional roaster for cafe’s we know that if you expect someone to pay $3-5 for a cup of coffee you have to provide a quality product. Our beans are carefully selected from hundreds of 100% Arabica samples. Selected by quality of flavor and roast-ability not by price. Unlike many roasters we DO NOT purchase cheap beans or Robusta beans to use as filler or overroast them to hide what they are and pass them off as gourmet coffee. Because our green beans cost more, our coffee will naturally cost more even though we have reduced our prices as much as possible and still offer a competitive price in these tough economic times.

Your coffee is much smoother and less bitter than other coffees. What do you do different?

We take those carefully chosen green beans and roast them to the individual beans perfect point of perfection. This means we don’t roast any bean to a certain roast just because we need that roast today. There are 3 main factors to consider when roasting.

  1. Coffee is naturally acidic, but the longer you roast the less acidity you taste
  2. The longer you roast the more bitterness you get.
  3. Each coffee bean has a different point at which its sugars are caramelized, releasing all those tantalizing flavors

With each type or blend of bean we balance each of those factors when roasting, providing you with a coffee that is less acidic, less bitter but packed full of rich, full bodied flavors.

perfect roast graph

Why do you use PayPal to process your orders?

PayPal is one of the safest and most respected payment processing gateways. Your information security is very important to us and we know that Paypal has the security to protect your data as well as gives you the comfort of having buyer protection. Plus the added bonus of being able to process credit cards without having a paypal account is a great feature for our buyers as well as ourselves.

What kind of packaging do you use for your coffee?

We use Poly Foil bags with one-way valves. Coffee is very sensitive to air and will go stale fast if exposed to it so immediately after roasting we bag and seal our coffee. The valve lets the gas that fresh roasted coffee releases escape from the bag without letting the air in keeping it fresh.

It says you will only ship to addresses inside the continental U.S. why is that?

For 2 reasons: It is very expensive to ship outside the continental U.S. doubling or tripling the cost of the coffee itself making it uneconomical. It also takes much more time to ship to another country, customs delays ect. so it means we cannot guarantee the freshness of the coffee. If someone truly wishes to purchase our coffee from another country they can contact us directly, the added shipping cost will be their responsibility and they must acknowledge that we cannot guarantee its freshness.

Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

It is the best way to ensure that our customers get the news of our sales, specials and coffee news. We Tweet and post them on Twitter and FB but they go by so fast with all the other competition out there that it is very easy to miss. We promise not to spam you with unrelated content and we will never share your info with anyone else.

How much experience do you have roasting coffee?

8 yrs of professional roasting for high end coffee shops here in NM. With 10+ yrs of sample roasting/quality control as a buyer for an international green coffee buyer.

I read that whole bean coffee lasts longer than ground, why is that?

Coffee is very sensitive to air, in whole bean form with its hard shell encasing it holds in that freshness. In ground form it is completely exposed and releases all its gases and becomes stale quickly. To keep your coffee fresher it is recommended to buy it whole bean, keep it in an airtight container and grind it just before brewing.