About Odacrem Coffee

A lifetime of coffee knowledge in every bean

Flowering Coffee Plant

We are a small family-owned roastery based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While Albuquerque is now our home, a place that we love and do business in, our Coffee roots extend deep into Central America's El Salvadoran and Costa Rican Coffee Farms. It is there in San Salvador that our Master of Roasting was born and grew up on the family farm, from early child hood helping to plant, nurture, pick the cherries from the coffee trees as well as process and dry the coffee beans.

Carol roasting coffee

As an adult he broadened his coffee knowledge becoming a buyer and trader, mastering the art of cupping and roasting that became his everyday tool to perform the coffee quality control in the name of his employer. He uses this knowledge today to buy the best premium coffee beans available and turn them into the outstanding premium hand roasted coffee that we offer to our customers.

Hillside coffee farm

We believe that great premium gourmet coffee is something that should be shared, it is a wonderful beverage with rich-complex flavors and aromas that lift the spirit, invigorate the mind and leave us with a warm comfortable feeling.

We can honestly say that we have a lifetime (over 45yrs) of passion and knowledge that we have put into every pound or fresh hand roasted coffee that we produce.

Harvesting coffee berries

Our Commitment to Quality and Service: Try it before you buy it, feel free to request a sample of our selections of fresh roasted premium coffees to select the one that pleases your own specific tastes and have them delivered to your door. You pay for shipping the samples and when placing your first order will receive a discount for the cost amount of shipping those samples. 

Where did we get the name Odacrem?  Odacrem is a reverse play on our family name of Mercado. It also also plays well with "Oh da Crem", referring to the nice Crema you get on a good espresso.

About our Coffee Beans

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Coffee Bean Huller

Unlike many coffee roasters who buy their beans blind without sampling for flavor and quality, our Master Roaster uses his lifetime of experience and knowledge to choose and buy the best coffee beans available to blend and roast our coffees. With several years experience as a buyer for a major coffee importer he has been to coffee plantations around the world, seeing firsthand how location and altitude affect the crops, viewing their farming techniques and practices as well as developing a trusting relationship. He uses this knowledge today along with sampling crop after crop to buy only the best.

Harvesting Coffee Beans

You will see many different specialty blends listed for sale throughout the year usually in short quantities. This is due simply to the nature of the bean itself. Indisputably the best beans are the higher altitude Arabica with its more delicate flavor hinting of fruits, honey or caramel. The most sought after beans are the shade grown beans. These shade grown trees are grown among existing trees and forests reducing the need for pest control as well as saving the forests from clear cutting. Because of this technique there are less trees per acre, they require much more care and with each tree only producing 1 lb of beans per year quantities of each bean from each farm is very limited. While we do make every effort to buy as much of the crops we like as possible, due to the high volume of coffee we roast it requires us to be constantly searching for new crops to buy.

Soaked Coffee Cherries
Cherry Drying Beds
Cherry Drying Beds