Odacrem Coffee’s are on sale at La Montanita Co-ops

Fall is here and it is cold out but we have the best coffees to warm you up as well as holiday gifts, and they are on Sale at ABQs La Montanita Co-ops during the month of November.
DSC_001112 oz bags of whole bean fresh Roasted on dateroasted organic and conventional coffees.  Our  coffees have “Roasted on Dates” instead of “Best by Dates” so you know EXACTLY how fresh your coffee is.


Organic Cold Brew and Cold Brew w/MCT oil

If ready made coffee does the trick for you try one of our Organic Cold Brewed coffees.

Organic Cold Brew, simple, refreshing and great tasting. Made with Quality fresh roasted organic coffee.

Cold Brew w/MCT oil, we put the healthy back into blended coffee drinks. Made with Organic Coffee, we use GMO free MCT oil and Soy Lecithin to create a Dairy free, creamy and great tasting blended coffee with little or no need for sweeteners.   Each ingredient has been selected for its natural health benefits with no added sugars, chemicals or flavorings. So skip the 5buck drinks, leave the guilt behind and enjoy!!



100% Coconut MCT oil

100% Coconut MCT oil,  GMO Free and still containing it’s Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids for maximum health benefits along with 4 times the amount of MCTs than regular coconut oil.

Most MCT oils are a blend of Coconut and other oils such as Palm oil. Palm oil has little nutritional value and because of destruction of the rain forests that its farming is causing it is not an industry that we wanted to continue to support so finding this 100% coconut oil is the perfect oil for our products as well as all the other normal cooking and food uses.



Find your local La Montanita Co-op here

For More about Odacrem Coffee visit our website

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How Fresh is your store bought coffee?

Ever wonder how fresh the coffee you just bought is?   What does the “Best By” date mean?

There are a couple ways to label your products most common are the “Best By” and “Use By”

The Use By dates are commonly used on products that will go physically go bad after a certain period of time.  Perishable products like milk and juices that over time will naturally start to spoil and possibly grow bacteria that “May” be harmful.

The Best By dates are more common on foods that are safe to use well beyond the date but the products taste or quality may have started to decline or go stale.

In the coffee world you will find many different ideas on how long coffee can be stored before being “Stale.”

It is a fact that when coffee will immediately start to stale once roasted. Experts will say that within a few days they can taste the difference, many connoisseurs say a couple weeks, coffee lovers may say 2-3 months. While many average coffee drinkers may not notice the difference.

But how do you tell how fresh the coffee you are buying really is?  We recently checked several of our local competitors coffees at the grocery store. All used the “Best By” dating system.  The day we did this was 09/27/2015 there were bags of coffee dated 10/30/2015 which at first glance would seem pretty good but next to it, from the same company was a bag dated 10/30/2016.  That means that this company dates their coffee out for at least 13 months. Major brands date theirs out even longer.  Without knowing each companies best by policy the consumer has no way to know just how old the coffee they are buying is.

That is why at Odacrem Coffee we go the extra mile for our local stores.   We use a ROASTED ON: DATE  on our coffees so no matter what level of coffee lover you are you KNOW just how fresh your coffee is.  We sell in smaller quantities and check stock weekly to keep fresh coffee on the shelves for you.

So next time your shopping for coffee look for Odacrem Coffee with the “Roasted on” date and enjoy some FRESH coffee. Roasted on date

You can find Odacrem Coffee in ABQ NM at

the La Montanita Co-ops in Nob Hill, on Rio Grande and the West Side.

Find out more, visit our website  Odacrem Coffee follow us on FB and Twitter as well.



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Don’t miss out on a taste of New Mexico!



Odacrem Coffee will be served this year at Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! Support a local small business. 

While you are at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta stop by Mojoe Coffee & Karma Delights  Booth (North end of Vendors row) where they honor the host city by adding local products and will be serving coffees from Odacrem Coffee, FRESH and LOCALLY ROASTED right here in Albuquerque NM and Pastries from Swiss Alps Bakery.  Warm up in the morning with a great LOCAL espresso drink and pastry or cool down in the afternoon with an ice cold Organic Cold Brew and don’t pass up a chance to take a piece of NM home with you by grabbing a bag of whole bean coffee to enjoy at home.

Are you staying in Albuquerque? Make sure you visit Zendo Art and Coffee  (map) down town at 413 2nd st SE and Moka Joes  (map) at 607 Osuna NE for more great coffee.

For more info on Odacrem Coffee follow the links below.

city view2

Follow both of us on Social Media:

Facebook: Odacrem Coffee and  Mojoe Coffee and Karma Delights

Twitter: Odacrem Coffee and Mojoe Coffee and Karma Delights

Websites: Odacrem Coffee and Mojoe Coffee and Karma Delights


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The Best Cold Brew Coffee in Albuquerque is here!

We have not only developed several exceptional cold brew coffee formulas but a revolutionary filtration system that gives an amazingly clean brew.

Using only 100% Arabica coffees our Organic Cold Brews are probably the best Cold Brews on the market.  Each bean we use is selected for its quality of low acidity and sweetness of taste. The extra cost of using Quality Organic coffees is balance by using our own proprietary filtration system that get a far better yield and cleaner flavor than traditional cold brew systems.

We have two varieties:DSC_0025

Cold Brew Organic-nothing but clean sweet coffee, low calorie and fat free.

Cold Brew w/MCT oil- a creamy, slightly sweet blend of the same cold brew organic coffee above along with a bit of MCT oil  and GMO Free Soy Lecithin as an emulsifier to help keep it all blended together.

We strive to keep the drink as natural and healthy as possible so we have chosen to NOT use any synthetic ingredients to make a perfect looking product so some separation will occur, so shake well and enjoy.

If you live in NM and would like to see your local store carry our cold brews please let us know and we will see if our distribution network can accommodate.  sales@odacremcoffee.com

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Our New Coffee Roastery

DSC_0320It is already 6 months old but the beans are popping away in there and winning awards for the best coffee in Albuquerque (under our customers private label)

Fair Trade Certified and about to get Organic Certified we are also working on a new line of products perfect for the hot summer weather so keep checking for more updates.

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It’s HOLIDAY SALE TIME for Odacrems Premium Fresh Roasted Coffees!!

Save 10-20% on our premium coffees roasted fresh only when you order.  Our family and gift packs already offer great savings so combined with sales prices makes for a great deal. Our coffees are 100% Arabica, gluten free, roasted here in the USA by our small family owned business and made with 40+ yrs of love, passion and dedication.

What more would you want to put in your cup?

Each of our coffees are roasted to maximize their individual flavors to bring you the best tasting brew possible!


SALE RUNS THE ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER!!!  Treat yourself, your family and friends with a heart warming brew that brings everyone together and keeps the body and soul warm during these winter months.

Our Family packs are great for households that have different tastes, YOU choose which coffees each of you like and order accordingly.  Already priced at a great deal, our sales price makes it even better.

And don’t forget family and friends, they make great gifts as well, giving you the assurance of pleasing every ones tastes.


Are you an Espresso lover?  Try our O Da Crema blend, a med-roasted blend of hand picked coffees that gives you a flavorful espresso that blends well for mixed coffees or for straight shots.  Also makes a great brewed coffee as well.



For those of you that love a strong dark roast try our Frenchy.  A roast dark and smoky enough make a bold statement but not burn out the flavors of our great blend.

Find out more about Odacrem Coffee and order these great brews by visiting our website at:  http://www.odacremcoffee.com/order.html

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New Premium Roasted Coffee Family Packs

Do members of your family like premium roast coffees with different roasts?  Many of our customers do and have asked for combo packs that will save them money, so here they are.

Dual Comfort:  Our two coffee combo back.  You can order in either 12 oz or 1 Lb bag sizes saving you $1.50 and $2 respectively.   There are 3 combinations of our premium roast coffees listed but since there are to many possible combinations to list we added a 4th option of “My choice-see comments”  so if the combination you want is not there just select this option and when you go to “check out” just put the coffees you want in the comment box, any combination or even 2 of the same coffee.

Three for All:  Same bag size options as the Dual Comfort but you can add a 3 rd coffee.  You save $2 when ordering 12 oz bags and $3 when ordering 1 Lb bags.  It also has the “My choice” option so if the combo you want is not there just tell us what you want in the comment box when checking out.



Our coffees beans are 100% Arabica beans chosen for their quality, only roasted FRESH when you order, bagged just after cooling and shipped right away to give you the freshest, greatest tasting coffee possible.

To find out more about Odacrem Coffee go to:  http://www.odacremcoffee.com/

To order go to: http://www.odacremcoffee.com/order.html


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Great Charity Auction and Great Coffee – Odacrem Coffee donates Coffee to Montezuma Ball

November 17, 2012 Montezuma Ball at Hotel Albuquerque in Albuquerque NM, Don’t miss this!! A great event restoring the past and building the future.  Odacrem Coffee is donating 12 pounds of Great Premium Coffee’s to the Montezuma Ball charity event.  Not 12 lbs of just any coffee but four 3 lb bags, each with a different Premium Roast Coffee and a blend of roasting degrees to please all types of coffee lovers.  Roasted on 11-2, packaged in poly foil, valved bags and left as whole bean to help preserve the freshness.


Tanzanian Peaberry a Med-lite roast, single origin that brings out all the sweet and spicy complex flavors.

Colombian a Medium roast, single origin rich, bold and full bodied brew that will amaze your senses.

O da crema a Medium roasted custom blend of our best beans that makes an amazing brew as well as terrific espresso with rich flavors that compliment any blended drink.

Frenchy a Premium Bean blend, Dark roasted but not so burnt that it destroys all the great flavors, a deep, rich brew worth waking up for.

Follow the links below for more information about this great coffee as well as other auction items, Montezuma Ball and their beneficiaries.

For more information about Odacrem Coffee go to:  http://www.odacremcoffee.com/

Beneficiaries of this great event are:

Albuquerque’s KIMO Theater, built in 1927:  http://www.cabq.gov/culturalservices/kimo/about-the-theatre and

WESST, Providing entrepreneurs with the resources, skills, technical assistance, and capital to succeed  http://wesst.org/

NM Multicultural Foundation, To promote the multiple cultures within the state of New Mexico and to educate the public about these cultures.  http://www.centerfornonprofitexcellence.org/nonprofit-directory/new-mexico-multi-cultural-foundation

All great causes, combining the protection and restoration of the past with helping to build the future.

For more information on Montezuma Ball see:  http://www.montezumaball.com/

To see many of the other items up for auction check out their FB at:  https://www.facebook.com/montezumaball

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Do you ruin your coffee? Don’t waste your coffee’s health benefits !

Keep your coffee’s health benefits by using natural flavors and sweeteners which add even more great benefits to the drink.

Coffee is consumed the world over, mainly for the enlightened kick we get from the caffeine but also for its intense and complex flavors.  It’s the warm flavorful wake up call in the morning that starts our day, the mid morning coffee break that calms and recharges our drive for the day.  Business meetings held over coffee for morning/lunch/evenings, it’s all good.  Coffee houses are now social hubs, places to get together for lunch, before and after an evening out, a safe place to meet your date, school work, business work you name it, its done there.

Old myths are being debunked about the negative effects of coffee with recent studies touting the high anti oxidant qualities that are very beneficial to our health and lessening the risks for many conditions and diseases.   For those of us that are sensitive to the caffeine (like me). Yes, it will still keep you up late at night if you drink too much or too late in the day, and it still doesn’t help if you are hypertensive either.

These subjects have been all over the web lately as I am sure you have seen, just Google “Health Benefits of coffee” and it will keep you reading for days.  But what I want to talk about is how so many of us take a perfectly good cup of coffee and ruin all those healthy benefits by loading it up with sugar, chemicals, fat and how to avoid doing that just so you can enjoy your drink.


First, and absolute must.  Find a Quality Coffee Roaster that knows what they are doing and guarantees you Fresh coffee. Many store brands are mass produced months ago and with the cheapest beans, leaving you with stale bitter coffee and with the popularity of Micro Roasting everybody and their uncle is now roasting coffee, many without taking the time to learn the craft.   Coffee roasting is a fine art, it takes quality beans (usually Arabica) and knowledge to roast those beans to a perfect balance.  That means removing most of the acidity and balancing it with just enough bitterness to make a rich, bold,  full bodied brew that tastes so great you can drink it black.   THEN if you want to add some subtle flavors or sweeteners to enhance it, you can do that WITHOUT having to overload it with immense amounts of calories and fat just to make it palatable.  This is a trend that started years ago and now we are just so used to getting that Caramel Mocha that we are not only addicted but we don’t even remember what black coffee tastes like.

For perfectly roasted coffee delivered Fresh to your door go to http://www.odacremcoffee.com/

Second, Go Natural!!!!!  And I know from experience this is not easy, if you are one of those that have been drinking the loaded choc caramel mint mocha frappicino  that are pushing 460 calories and 20 grams of fat, its going to feel like you’re going through withdrawals giving up all that crap, but do your body a favor and go for it.

**Please note I am not a health and nutrition expert, I am just an average person trying to make healthier choises in my life and want to share what I have learned. YOU must decide for yourself if you wish to try anything I have mentioned here.**

If you can, just drink your coffee black, it only has about 5 calories per cup and no fat.

IF you must add flavor, use natural flavors NOT the syrups and flavored creamers, even many of the no calorie syrups and sweeteners are proving in many ways to be bad for your health.

*If you have started with great, fresh coffee the amount of flavoring you need to add to please your taste buds will be far less than retail drinks.*

Creamers:  Cut the calories by using non fat milk instead of whole milk or Half n Half, stay away from the powdered creamers and the popular flavored creamers.

I am going to list off several natural sweeteners and flavors along with some health benefits of each along with some links of great recipes for you to try.

SWEETENERS:  Natural is best and the less chemical processing used in production the better.

Pure Raw Honey, an amazingly overlooked sweetener packed with so many beneficial antioxidants and nutrients it should be a part of our everyday diet. Learn more about honey here http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/health-benefits-of-honey.html



Raw Unrefined Sugar:  Is the best choice if you are going to use sugar. It contains minerals and nutrients that are removed from refined white sugar, regular brown sugar as well as many of the newer products on the market like Agave and others, Remember IN MANY CASES ITS NOT THE PRODUCT BUT, THE WAY IT IS PROCESSED THAT IS HARMFUL. Raw unrefined sugar contains about 11 calories per teaspoon and has the same vitamin and mineral content that is found in the juice from the sugarcane plant. These minerals include Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium. In addition, when sugar is refined and processed there are many harmful ingredients that are added to the sugar as a result. Unrefined raw sugar does not have these harmful chemicals. Some of these include: Phosphoric Acid, Sulfur Dioxide, and Formic Acid.   Read more  here http://www.naturalorganiclifestyle.com/unrefined-raw-sugar.html

Agave and Stevia?  My jury is still out on both of these, both are relatively new in the commercial market.  There are health claims being made both for and against both of these.  With Stevia being banned in Europe, so for me personally I will wait for more info before I recommend either.  For more information on Natural sweeteners see here http://evolvingwellness.com/posts/1096/sugar-wars-are-any-natural-sweeteners-healthy-for-us/


Peppermint:  Great tasting, only a few drops of mint oil needed to flavor and with added health benefits of: Helps to prevent muscle spasms (effective for IBS) and helps to relieve headaches, and heartburn.   ttp://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/HEALTHbeat_073107.htm


Ginger: Just a tiny pinch needed.  A spicy root known to sooth the stomach, helping with nausea, it is also a natural aspirin and anti-inflammatory.  Read more on ginger here  http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/10-health-benefits-of-ginger.html

Vanilla Extract: Contains high levels of anti-oxidants, helps to relieve anxiety and much more   http://www.livestrong.com/article/298410-what-are-the-health-benefits-of-vanilla-extract/

Cinnamon:  A great flavoring for coffee.  Has a long list of benefits like lowering bad cholesterol, lowers blood sugar levels, antifungal, and relieves headaches. Learn more here http://www.organicauthority.com/health/11-health-benefits-of-cinnamon.html


Cocoa:   Great for flavoring and for you health you get decreased blood pressure, improved blood vessel health and improved cholesterol and much more  http://diabetes.webmd.com/news/20110323/cocoa-rich-in-health-benefits


Nutmeg:  Very strong just a tiny pinch to flavor.  A great companion for coffee as it stimulates the brain, helps relieve fatigue and stress as well as anxiety and depression.  It also touts pain relief, indigestion relief, bad breath treatment, liver detox and sleep aid.  http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/7-health-benefits-nutmeg-provides.html#b

Allspice:  Strong and spicy with an enticing aroma it is also known for its anti inflammatory, warm soothing, and anti-flatulent properties as well as being enriched with minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, copper, selenium, and magnesium.  http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/allspice.html

Cardamom:  A favorite spice for many and used to flavor coffee for centuries.  It has Limonene in it which boost antioxidant activity ( which coffee is full of ). Cardamom is shown to protect against cancer, lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots and have diuretic properties.  http://www.livestrong.com/article/338907-health-benefits-of-cardamom/

Maple, Almond, Hazlenut and there are so many more, just check the baking isle in the grocery store or better yet Organic store to find your favorite flavors and give them a try for a healthy alternative way to flavor your coffee.

TIPS:  One way to flavor your coffee is to use whole spices and to grind them either while grinding your coffee beans OR in a separate grinder as each spice will leave oils in the grinder to mix with the next grind.  Add the spices to your grinds when brewing to extract the most flavors from them.

You can add flavor to your coffee after you’ve brewed it by stirring a flavoring or spice into the brewed coffee. You can also opt for more natural methods by stirring drops of spice extract into your coffee, or adding spices to the cup with your sugar and cream. One completely natural way to flavor your coffee is with flavored sugar you make yourself. It’s as easy as infusing coffee beans.

For vanilla sugar: Place two vanilla bean pods into an 8 ounce jar. Pour sugar to within an inch of the top. Cover and shake. Allow the sugar to absorb flavor from the vanilla beans for at least a day before using. Shake the jar over a few times daily to mix well and prevent the flavors from concentrating in one area.

For cinnamon spice sugar: Love cinnamon in your coffee, but not the skin that forms when you use it ground? Try this: put a few sticks of cinnamon into an 8 ounce jar. Add other whole spices if you desire – whole cardamom, star anise, cloves and nutmeg all are good spices for spicing sugar. For nutmeg, use a grater to score the outer rind and release the oil before adding. Proceed as you do for vanilla sugar above.

Experiment with different spice combination to find flavors that you like – and keep in mind that different spices will taste completely different when you use them with various types and roasts of coffee.

Check out some great recipes  like Sweet Home Comfort, Summer Citrus Café Cooler and Cocoa Mint Melody  here by Chris Arnold  http://www.ineedcoffee.com/07/flavored-coffee/

Do your body a favor and KEEP your coffee healthy.

It will:

Save you money

Save you the extra pounds by cutting out most of the calories and fat

Save your body from all the harmful chemicals used in processing and or making the flavors and mixes.


Not only keep your coffee’s health benefits but by using natural flavors and sweeteners it adds even more great benefits to the drink.


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Premium Fresh Roasted Coffee SALE!!!

Labor Day is almost here and our sale starts on Saturday the 1st and runs till Wednesday the 5th.  Get 10% OFF along with FREE shipping on our Premium 100% Arabica Coffee’s.  Our Fresh Roasted Premium Coffees are carefully sellected from hundreds of samples, picking only the best beans.

Order yours Here

We have:

Tanzanian Peaberry– a single origin bean with  hints of wild honey and spice behind the citrus acidity while the floral aroma fill all your kitchen. Just a delicious way of wake up!   Review: I had my first cup of your Tanzanean Peaberry Lite today and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. What an excellent flavor to this roast.

Colombian– single origin colombian coffee. Roasted to its peak of flavor, with its sweet aroma and thick body and heavy nutty sweetness makes this colombian supremo one of the best coffees you can drink.      Review:  My husband says that the #coffee we ordered from @OdacremCoffee is the best he’s tasted!


O Da Crema– Our Signature Blend: This is our Espresso blend, made of 100% Arabica beans to satisfy even the most picky barista. Crafted especially to get the most flavors from the modern espresso machines and as well great coffee from the brewer just by changing the grind. Characterized by its stout thick body and sweet creamy taste that is not going to disappear when mixed in your favorite espresso drinks.     Review: Enjoying a sample of @OdacremCoffee’s namesake, the “O Da Crema”. Another home run. So smooth and rich, perfect for breakfast (or anytime).


Frenchy-Proven to be the favorite for adventurous people that are not intimidated by the intense body of the caramelized sugars and the smoky accents present on this High Altitude Arabica blend that can stand the high temps without catching fire!  Review: This coffee has a robust flavor yet is smooth. I like my coffee strong but it is usually hard on my stomach later. The Odacrem coffee doesn’t affect my stomach and I can make it as strong as I like. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

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