Our Mission is to satisfy the taste of the coffee connoisseur and to encourage
the coffee aficionado to develop their own taste.

Where to get a cup or bag of Odacrem Coffee in NM:

Zendo: 413 2nd St SW (downtown ABQ)
Brews up an amazing line up of single origin, blends and espresso as well as offering 12oz bags of several of our coffees under Zendos private label. With several awards to prove the quality of their work you cannot go wrong by stopping in for a cup of joe.

Zendo Awards:
  • 2013 Best of Burque; 2nd place for Best cup of Coffee.
  • 2014 Local IQ Smartlist; 1st place for Best Coffee Drink (Zia Latte), 2nd place Best Tasting coffee, 2nd place for Best Coffee Shop.
  • 2014 Local IQ Golden Fork Awards: Best Coffee Culture Spot.
  • 2014 Best of Burque: 3rd place for Best Cup of Coffee.
Brews up Single Origins, espresso drinks and their amazing Next Level Organic grass fed butter and MCT oil Drinks using our organic single origin coffees. Offers 12 oz bags of our Organic coffees under Next Levels private label.


Tathagatha Coffee 55 Canada Del Rancho Suite C.
Full range of coffee drinks including espressos, blends, single origins as well as new and spicy drinks focusing on your health. Also has a nice stock of our 12 oz bags available under Tathagathas private label.
Carol Krause
Owner - Carol Krause

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As Albuquerque Coffee Roasters we know how intense the coffee market has become, and what it takes to make award winning coffee. Our beans are carefully selected after sampling many varieties of 100% Arabica beans from around the world. Choosing only the best coffee beans and matching the individual characteristics of each to a specific blend of coffee.

Our Roast Master hand roasts each batch, bringing out the individual characteristics of flavor and aroma specific to each bean, dropping them only at the moment of perfection. You get gourmet coffee shop quality in every bag you purchase. The passion our coffee roaster puts into every batch is unsurpassed, complimented by a lifetime of experience in the coffee industry (from start to finish) and is plainly proven by our customer and coffee house reviews.

With small batch coffee roasting we roast our coffees only when an order has been placed, and ship immediately to give our customers only the freshest and best coffee possible with the roast date printed on each bag.

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